Thursday, 13 January 2011

Anything Goes

Should I start at the beginning?   I think not, that would be tedious.  In other posts I am sure I will go back, and record the memories of the joys and frustrations of getting the first notes out of my alto sax.  That was two years ago, and so much of how I think and feel about music has changed in that time.

Every week seems to bring new insights, insights that seem to me, now, to be worth capturing.  It's a good thing, in middle age (there, I said it) to discover that you have the capacity to learn, to feel the joy of discovery of fresh ideas and new thoughts, a joy that seemed to have been left behind in youth.

I warn you though, some of these new thoughts are slippery as fish.  No sooner does it seem that you have grasped them, than they wiggle and flip and they are gone. I hope this blog can become an album of snapshots of these leaping, flipping, lively ideas.  Get 'em while they're fresh!

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